Terms and conditions of the UK Pay-for-Responders scheme


For all new NHS and private patients

  • Treatment must be within the MS spasticity licensed indication and must be initiated by a specialist in secondary care.
  • The terms of this scheme are kept confidential and not disclosed to any third party.
  • The relevant Sativex Pay-for-Responder scheme order form must be completed for each patient and returned prior to initiation of their treatment.


For NHS patients

  • Continued funding for responder patients must be formally agreed at a local level before treatment starts.


For private patients

Before treatment is initiated the patient must understand they will be responsible for:

  • The dispensing costs of the initial pack supplied by GW Pharmaceuticals.
  • The medicine and fulfilment costs of their ongoing treatment (should they respond to Sativex).

The scheme shall continue until terminated by GW Pharmaceuticals on three months’ written notice. (Please note that GW Pharmaceuticals may terminate the scheme on immediate or on such other earlier written notice as it may require for the purpose of compliance with applicable law, regulation or industry codes of practice).

Please note: Private prescriptions for Sativex are required to be on standardised private prescription forms. FP10PCD requirements do not apply.

If you have any further questions, or require further support, please contact GW Pharmaceuticals Medical Information: